We strive to build equitable relationships with our clients and residents. While utilizing our expertise, we hope you will find your experience with us both professional and friendly. We look forward to working with you soon.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a complete Property Management firm that is always professional and brings to its’ clients the expertise and knowledge required to stay ahead in the field of management, leasing & maintenance. We have hired those individuals with backgrounds in real estate and property management and continue to educate our staff to ensure our clients that we will in fact remain experts in the property management industry.

Our Process

Realty Wealth Advisors has created a value added investor consultation service by perfecting:

Evaluating properties based on location, condition, and other market factors to determine the best properties that fit our clients investment goals. We pride ourselves on uncovering the hidden pit-falls that the untested investor finds themselves in.

Accessing properties not known to other investors and realtors. With over 40 years combined experience, our team has sought out and found avenues of acquiring foreclosures through auctions, wholesalers, asset managers, and lending institutions not accessible to every investor. We open up these relationships we have built over the years to our clients.

Acquiring properties using trained, experienced and skilled full time licensed agents we help you acquire properties through all available channels. We are experienced in the process from start to finish and walk our clients through every step of the way.

The management of Realty Wealth Advisors has decades of experience acquiring single family homes for themselves and for clients in the greater Indianapolis area. Thanks to this experience, Realty Wealth Advisors has been able to capitalize on acquiring homes for its investors through channels and at prices normally not available to individual investors. Working with Realty Wealth Advisors offers the following benefits:

  • Realty Wealth Icon Direct Access to properties through multiple channels:
  • Realty Wealth Icon MLS Listings
  • Realty Wealth Icon Sheriff Sales
  • Realty Wealth Icon Tax Surplus Sales
  • Realty Wealth Icon Wholesalers
  • Realty Wealth Icon Direct from the foreclosing lender
  • Realty Wealth Icon Bulk sellers
  • Realty Wealth Icon Short-Sales
  • Realty Wealth Icon Neighborhood Not-For-Profits
  • Realty Wealth Icon Government Agencies
  • Realty Wealth Icon Comparative Market Analysis on every property prior to offering
  • Realty Wealth Icon Risk analysis when buying tax certificates, tax deeds, bank notes, or sheriff’s deeds
  • Realty Wealth Icon Access to market and legal experts in the field of Tax Deeds, Sheriffs Deeds, and Foreclosures
  • Realty Wealth Icon Insider market knowledge down to the neighborhood and street level in greater Indianapolis
  • Realty Wealth Icon Experienced negotiators working to get the best price possible on your acquisition
  • Realty Wealth Icon Experienced in estimating repair costs and rehab needs of foreclosed properties to help you avoid the “unknowns”
  • Realty Wealth Icon Access to Realty Wealth Advisors proven staff of remodeling/rehabilitation crews to handle any size project. (Fee based project management)